Linux System Administrator
A2 Hosting

  • August 2017 - Current
Taking on a newly created ops role

Software Developer
University of Michigan

  • August 2017 - October 2017
Contracting for the Data Documentation Initiative

Devops Engineer

  • August 2016 - June 2017
Helping a Great Team Work Better Together
  • Created a docker-compose local development solution
  • Training of new developers
  • Testing new technologies

Systems Administrator / Systems Architect
Michigan State University

  • February 2014 - May 2016
Administration of Matrix Department Web Systems and Infrastructure
  • Debian Sid/Jessie, Windows Server (migrations and upgrades)
  • LDAP, cfengine, HAproxy, Active Directory, Exchange
  • DHCP, DNS, Windows Deployment
  • Managing various increments of off-site backups and archives

Linux System Administrator

  • February 2012 - February 2014
Full "Heroic" Support of the LAMP Stack and Beyond
  • CentOS Redhat and Ubuntu Linux / Cpanel and Plesk Control Panels
  • Apache, Nginx, Litespeed, Memcache, Varnish, Tomcat
  • Load Balancing, DNS, SSL, IPtables
  • Exim, Postfix, Qmail, Jira, Jabber
  • MYSQL, POSTGRESQL, MYISAM, INNODB, 3 day Percona Training: Bill Karwin

Drupal Contractor

  • November 2011 - February 2012
Drupal Management and Support
  • Support content development team via email, phone and IM
  • Implemented Drupal modules and advertising scripting.
  • Provided daily on call support for the authors and editors of a large, frequently publishing dynamic site receiving 250k hits a day

Drupal Contractor
Tyler Frankenstein

  • January 2009 - November 2011
Sales and Development
  • All skills listed above under: “Independent Contractor - Hollywire.com”
  • Update and maintain client web pages.
  • Design and create web and other dynamic content.
  • Develop Sales materials, campaigns, and strategies.