Web Design

I have a strong understanding of linux, apache, mysql, and other aspects of server management. This has increased my ability not only to develop web content, but properly administer and trouble-shoot issues. I have extensive applied knowledge in Drupal and other content management systems such as Wordpress and Joomla. I have vast experience developing Drupal Views, custom Drupal templates, Drush and MySQL based scripting, and mobile responsive design.

I have developed custom PHP, CSS, HTML, and JS/jQuery; content, graphics, forms, content types, caching procedures, troubleshooting, and database conversion. I have administered highly complex, multi-site Drupal and Wordpress sites. I am quite capable of troubleshooting a task from Networking/DNS -> Backend -> Frontend. Working throughout the gambit of the web industry during my career has given me perspective from all angles.


My strong background in programming originates all the way back to high school. I have found that while syntax may vary, there is a common base in programming I tend to grasp quite well. I find that through google, forum posts, and example code I can manipulate every language I encounter with ease. I have found that my profession often times requires me to “dive in head-first” to technologies that I had previously not encountered.

Web / Front-end

CLI / Back-end

Other / Miscellaneous


While I tend to choose CLI (command line interface) over GUI (graphical user interface) for my own manipulation of technology my expertise is in no way limited to the manipulation of text based commands. I am quite familiar with a wide range of both user operating systems and software technologies, and interfaces for administration and management. I have experience remotely troubleshooting a wide range of software. I am able to accurately assist users via: email, instant message, voice, screenshots, and linking to walk-throughs.

Server - OS / Management

Client - Operating System

Network Security / Management

I have attended every site and/or server hardening conference, seminar, summit, and extended training I have had access to for years. I am fully confident in not only web and server security, but localized network infrastructure.  I have experience with PXE boot deployment, Windows network distribution, samba, LDAP, iptables, and DHCP. I have written custom Nagios plugins to monitor self-developed server daemons. I am quite familiar with munin, mdadm, lvm, heartbeat, and other various server technologies.


I have a vast range of experiences building network structures such as: network printing and scanning, shared file systems, and network disk farms. I have a strong background in soldering/desoldering, printers, scanners, digital cameras, PDAs (personal digital assistants), and other peripherals. I have many years of experience with rack based server systems, uninterruptable power supply units, and hardware firewalls.